NLIHC Joins Housing Assistance Council Letter Urging Inclusion of Rural Housing Bill in Farm Bill

NLIHC joined a letter authored by the Housing Assistance Council (HAC) urging the U.S. Senate Committees on Banking and on Agriculture to work together to ensure that bipartisan, commonsense improvements to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Rural Housing Service (RHS) programs are considered for inclusion in the 2023 Farm Bill. NLIHC urges advocates to join the letter, which will be available until Friday, June 9. Read the letter and sign on here.

Rural housing programs “are incredible resources for small towns and rural communities but are in need of modernization and streamlining to function more effectively in the contemporary rural context,” states the letter. The letter goes on to explain that “there are a variety of tested, commonsense improvements to the RHS programs that have been discussed and agreed upon in a bipartisan fashion in Congress, and the 2023 Farm Bill is an opportunity to bring those improvements across the finish line.”

Read and sign your organization on to the letter at: