NLIHC was founded on the principle that data-driven advocacy works. Our ongoing research, as well as analysis of major new studies, makes clear the need for housing for America’s lowest income people.

Every year, we release our signature research publications--Out of Reach and The Gap. Out of Reach reports on the mismatch between what workers can afford and the market rents they must pay in every community in the United States. The Gap documents the gap between the number of renter households and rental units that are affordable and available to them, as well as housing cost burdens, by income groupings in every state and the largest 50 metropolitan areas.

Our research team also produces the Congressional District Profiles, which empower policy advocates with specialized data from their own communities. We produce specialized analyses of current issues, like emergency rental assistance, housing recovery after disasters, and the affordability gap.

Memo to Members and Partners Articles

January 23, 2023

Homeless Students Experience Negative Educational Outcomes

Source: Lowell, W., Hanratty, M. (2023). Who counts? Educational disadvantage among children identified as homeless and implications for the systems that serve them. Retrieved from

December 19, 2022

Affordable Housing Bond Measures Were Passed Nationwide in 2022 Elections

Source: National Low Income Housing Coalition, “Voters Choose Housing: A Summary of Housing and Homelessness Ballot Measures in the November 2022 Elections,”   Note: Santa Monica Community College District’s $375M bond will fund a variety of infrastructure projects,…