HUD Approves Modification to Housing Choice Voucher Program to Support Homelessness Solutions in Los Angeles

On August 18, HUD approved requests by the Los Angeles County Development Authority (LACDA) and Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) to modify Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program admissions requirements to accelerate efforts to help people experiencing homelessness obtain housing.

Responding to requests from city and county housing officials, HUD approved a waiver that will exempt the Los Angeles housing authorities from rules that required housing agencies to verify a household’s income before issuing a housing voucher. This type of requirement often delays access to the assistance needed by people experiencing homelessness to move into stable, affordable homes. The waiver will allow local housing providers to issue vouchers to people experiencing homelessness and then verify their income through independent, third-party sources within 60 days.

HUD has approved several additional waiver requests from LACDA and HACLA to facilitate and expedite the leasing process for people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles. HUD approved a waiver on the Social Security, residency, and homelessness requirements for the HCV program in July, allowing applicants to self-certify that they meet these requirements to move into housing and delaying the receipt of the documents at admission. Housing authorities will work to collect verification once individuals are in permanent housing.

“For too long, the system responded to unhoused Angelenos with a 30+ page questionnaire asking for proof that they were low income instead of with the housing they needed,” said Mayor Karen Bass. “This critical agreement will prevent people from languishing in interim housing because of the need to prove income and other factors. This announcement addresses major roadblocks, putting housing first and bureaucracy last.”

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