Framework Team Hosts “Healthy Parents Healthy Babies” Webinar on Addressing the Needs of Pregnant People Experiencing Homelessness

NLIHC hosted a webinar with its partners in the Framework for an Equitable Homelessness Response on September 21. The webinar focused on findings from the Framework’s Healthy Parents Healthy Babies report, which addresses the unique needs of parents and infants navigating the housing and healthcare systems across the U.S. 

The Framework’s “Healthy Parents Healthy Babies” webinar highlighted key findings and recommendations for service providers and offered a path forward for reducing racial disparities, increasing housing stability, and improving maternal health, birth outcomes, and child health for women and families of color experiencing homelessness and extreme housing instability.

The report is a critical resource that sheds light on the challenges women – disproportionately women of color – face when experiencing housing instability while pregnant. The report highlights significant health disparities among homeless infants and their housed counterparts and underscores the urgent need for interventions that address these disparities and promote healthy pre- and post-natal development. 

The report’s findings also show how homelessness during pregnancy and infancy can have severe and lasting consequences for a child's health and development. These challenges are compounded when parents lack access to stable housing. The webinar increased awareness of the report’s findings and insights, fostered dialogue among communities and policymakers, and encouraged the adoption of equitable recommendations for supporting parents, especially women of color, and their children facing housing instability.  

Read the report here.

Watch a recording of the webinar here.

Access webinar slides here.