OSAH Campaign Releases New Podcast Episode on History of the Fair Housing Act

The Opportunity Starts at Home campaign released a new podcast episode, “The History of the Fair Housing Act.” The thirty-third installment in OSAH’s podcast series, the new episode features a discussion with Dr. Alexander von Hoffman, an urban planner and historian at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and the Joint Center for Housing Studies.

In the episode, von Hoffman talks about a chapter on the origins of the “Fair Housing Act of 1968” he authored for Furthering Fair Housing: Prospects for Racial Justice in America’s Neighborhoods, a recent volume exploring the past, present, and future of fair housing policies in the U.S. In particular, he discusses the historical roots of segregation, the ways federal policies have exacerbated issues of fair housing, the grassroots and legislative history of the Fair Housing Act, and the challenges facing housing integration advocates today.

Listen to the podcast episode here.